A Welcomed Re-design of Sigma dpQ


As technology advances the dimensions of products can often be reduced, and this is the case when it comes to digital cameras. Compact digital cameras are great, they are easy to store, carry around and they make for excellent travel companions, but this doesn’t necessarily make for an ergonomic device.

This re-design of the Sigma dpQ takes into account the hand-held comfort while still retaining the iconic shape of the body. The extended section on the right-hand side of the device is reminiscent of that of the modern DSLRs; the user can position their fingers around the front of the device, therefore holding the device more securely!

The addition of the textured rubber increases the comfort and grip for the user, while also adding to the utilitarian and professional aesthetic of the dpQ. The extended section also solves another issue with the dpQ, its battery life; due to the increased size, a larger battery can be used, meaning you can take stunning photographs, for longer!

Designer: SY Wang