A Washing Machine for One!


One-bedroom apartments and small terrace houses can be very limited when it comes to space, so making the most of every possible square foot is vital. For this reason, a large and bulky appliance such as a laundry machine isn’t an appropriate use of the space, and on top of that a large washing machine possibly isn’t efficient for just the one person!

The Drawasher could be the product to solve these issues! Its compact design disguises itself as a set of draws, leading to a design that doesn’t look at all out of place in any room. The intuitive touchscreen interface that is positioned on the face of the draw allows for confusion-free operation.

The dirty laundry is placed into the area which, in conventional set of draws, would hold the clean laundry and the empty space below lends itself to the drying and storage of the laundry. It’s just such an efficient use of space!

Designer: Ji Seung Kim