FaceTime on your Apple Watch?!


The Apple Watch goes as close to working as efficiently as the smartphone in your pocket. It even comes with a gallery that allows you to view your photos, but it lacks one crucial detail. The Watch lacks a camera.

Battery is probably the main concern, since cameras hog a tonne of juice. The solution? The CMRA strap! Made by the guys behind the hit video messaging app Glide, the CMRA strap puts not one, but TWO cameras on the strap of the Watch! Positioned in a front/back configuration, the strap can either film you, or what’s going on in front of you.

The CMRA strap comes with 24-hr batteries of its own, so never fear. Both cameras are HD enabled and LED lights shine up to notify you if the camera is in use. Choose from 4 classic colors, white, grey, ocean blue, or black, and you’ll even get yourself a free (for a limited time) charging dock that charges not just the straps, but the watch too. Mr. Cook, do take note!

Designer: Glide

BUY IT HERE: $169 $249 ($60 worth charging dock free!)