The Skroll is a fun, pocket-sized embossing machine!

An infinitely fun way to make embossed prints or send embossed messages, or even carry around in your pocket to create instant, 3D business cards, the Skroll comes from Stereolab, a company devoted to 3D printers and 3D printing. Designed in-house, the Skroll is small and pocket-friendly, coming even with a hand-crank that folds inwards when not in use. Comprising two inter-changeable rollers, the Skroll lets you emboss (or deboss) patterns, images, or text onto pieces of paper, or even metal. The two rollers contain a positive and a negative of your artwork and are 3D printed, as is the Skroll’s entire assembly. Just simply insert the paper or metal (sheet metal from drinking cans work rather well) into the slot and crank the handle. The material slides into the rollers, being pressed into the shape that’s on the rollers, and finally coming out with a nice three-dimensional piece of art embossed into them. The Skroll comes along with usage instructions in a plain box with the product name embossed on it too! Clever!

Aside from teaching us designers a nifty lesson in embossing techniques, the Skroll is quite fun to use and play with. Not to mention being able to simply stamp your contact details or website/portfolio URL on random pieces of paper or even sheet metal!

Designer: Hlias for Stereolab

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