Let’s Do³ Something


Designed to cater to the needs of both professionals and non-professionals, do³ takes personal and desktop manufacturing to a whole new level! Contained within the sandblasted plexiglass cover, that protects the user from debris, is a 3-in-1 manufacturing center to help bring ideas to life.

The user can take advantage of the filament 3D Printer, Laser Cutter and CNC Milling Machine that do³ offers. Its fully modular designs also allow for system upgrades or enlarging of the system, as each project varies in size and complexity.

do³’s advanced capabilities may appear daunting to some users, but thanks to its intuitive design and clear interface, they are guided through the manufacturing process. To assist them further there is a sensor array that is integrated into the 3D printer’s extruder nozzle that monitors the object’s geometry. This allows it to detect irregularities and makes the user aware of the possible issues before continuing. This could easily become a designer’s best friend!

Designer: Louis Berger






do³ is fully modular. This means that it is possible to change, upgrade, or enlarge the system, to fit the needs of individual projects.


You can use do³ not only as a filament 3D printer but also as a laser cutter or a CNC milling machine.

The sandblasted plexiglass cover holds the lower assembly, protects from debris and dust and is used as the main visual interface while do³ is working. A small in the x-Axis embedded projector displays the GUI on the cover.


The 3D printing extruder nozzle features a sensor array that keeps an eye on the object’s geometry.


Some movable parts need lubrication from time to time. All motors have easy to spot lubrication holes.



do³ building blocks are specifically made material packs for all possible build platform sizes and work volumes.


do³ can be used by professional and non-professional users alike. You can interact with do³ utilizing CAD/CAM tools or start making things without any additional software knowledge using the do³ app.