This Bag has Three-factor Security!

The guys at XD Design have a reputation of building some of the most criminal-confusing bags. Their bags are designed to cater to the user’s style statement and safety equally. These bags are not only beautiful to look at, they’re bafflingly difficult to get into, without the consent of the owner. The original Bobby backpack’s design sought to make the bag impenetrable by pushing the zipper closer to the wearer, making it difficult to access if someone was wearing the bag. The revised version, titled the Bobby Urban, puts the zipper in an even more confounding position, and secures the bag’s contents in a cut-proof fabric.

Committed to their motto of making the world’s most theft-resistant bags, the Bobby Urban comes with a concealed zipper, further made safer by a steel reinforced combination lock. The bag comes with a roll-top design that not only hides the zipper, it also allows you to control the bag’s inner capacity by determining how much you roll the top. Once the zipper is secure, snap shut the combination lock for added protection. Aside from providing a second layer of security, the combination lock can even be used to fasten the bag to an immovable object like a bench or a lamppost as you would with a bicycle. With the zip inaccessible, the lock unbreakable, and the fabric un-rippable, the only conceivable way to break into the bag would be with the aid of heavy machinery.

The Bobby Urban’s roll-top design gives it a whopping 27 liters of capacity when unrolled, making it perfect for everything from your everyday commute to long travels, allowing you to increase or decrease the bag’s size depending on need. A compartmentalized interior allows you to segregate items, while any extra/bulky items can be tethered to the outside using the additional netting provided. Looking at the term theft through a much wider lens, not only is the bag physically impenetrable, it even comes with an RFID secure pocket too, deterring digital theft as well.

With its signature combination of style, storage, and security (not necessarily in that order), the Bobby Urban may just literally be the most theft-proof backpack in the consumer market. Every single day, 400,000 incidents of pickpocketing occur worldwide. This backpack remains committed to making sure you’re never a part of that statistic!

Designer: Sheng Peng Zhao of XD Design

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Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $139.00