Coffee Cup Sleeve

Starbucks and company have taught us that hot beverages in disposable or plastic cups are better held with a cup-sleeve. Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve takes the venture forth by banking on the principle of air expands when heated. So the lovely little petals that you see on the sleeve kinda blow up to act as a buffer between your fingers and the cup, saving you from a scorching hot cup. At room temperature the sleeve’s petals fatten out once again. Nothing extra special but a novelty item for the buzz-generation.

Designer: Frank Xing

Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve by Frank Xing



  • trybudi says:

    what sort of material does this stretching?

  • Margot says:

    Certainly not a necessity, but it is a fun little item and a conversation starter as well.

  • R says:

    This is absolutely a good design. The problem has been solved in a cute and simple way. Skip the elasticity out – and just leave the bulky shapes like they are!

    The presentation was crystal clear. Two simple boards, explaining absolutely everything without a single letter.

    And for those who will sit and complain about how bad take-away paper cups are for the environment… Yes, it is, but they wont stop selling and this concept dose not intend to re-use the cup so don’t even bring in to discussion unless You have solved the problem of these paper cups.

  • reality says:

    more landfill

  • I Parker says:

    Where can I buy these cup holders? Please help!

  • Emme says:

    Air may expand when heated, but hands will flatten it out as soon as it’s gripped. Not sure it would stay inflated.

  • hrachia seropian says:

    how i can buy this cup

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