Does your Wallet do Magic Tricks?

I remember owning a pencil-box in my childhood that did this magic trick. It had no hinge, but these three straps that ran from the base to the lid. Flip the lid open, and then over, and the lid would do a complete swivel and come back to the front, and doing so would change the color of the box. It’s a little complicated to describe in text, but visually, it was remarkable, and everyone I knew loved playing with it.

Garzini Cavare’s magic wallet does something quite similar. It doesn’t change colors, but it uses that strap layout to secure your cash within the wallet. Place your cash on top of the strap and close the wallet, opening it from the other end and voila! Your cash is now sitting securely under the leather strap! Do it a second time to secure more banknotes under the other two straps! Cavare’s Magic Wallet brings a certain joy to a methodical experience. While we’re so used to just stuffing notes and sometimes bills and receipts into our wallets without really paying attention to them, the Magic Wallet makes the experience something you’d actively participate in. You’ll segregate your notes and bills before putting them in, and each time you swivel the wallet over, it’s an experience that you’ll never want to miss.

The magic wallet comes with two magic banknote slots and two card slots. The magic slots can store a bunch of folded banknotes, while the card slots can fit up to 5 cards each. Card slots are also built with an elastic pull-tab to make them easy to access, while also enhancing the wallet’s interactive element. Granted the Garzini Cavare Magic Wallet isn’t as slim as some of the other wallets we’ve featured, but it stands at a decent 0.4 inches in thickness when empty, and not more than 0.7 inches when full (although we highly doubt you’d carry 10 cards AND banknotes together). The wallet comes in a wide range of colors across four leather types (Vintage, Nappa, Brushed and Croco). The leather adds a layer of magnificence over the magical construction of the wallet. Built also with RFID protection, the wallet isn’t just innovative, it’s secure too.

Designed to be as different from other wallets as possible (you’re not going to see anyone else with this sort of wallet, and that’s pretty much a guarantee), the Garzini Cavare was built on a moderately baffling, but extremely engaging user experience. Made to be interactive and fun, using the wallet is almost always a pleasure, and showing it off… even more of one! Not just a great wallet, but also an incredible conversation starter, the Garzini Cavare, like most wallets, is designed to make a statement… The only difference is that it does so with the theatrics of an illusionist.

Designer: Christophe De Smet of Garzini

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Available in four leathers.

Vintage leather is a top grain buffalo calf leather with a unique mat finish. Plenty of colors to choose from for urban adventurers with style.

Nappa leather is a natural milled full grain cow leather with glossy finish. Carefully selected colors to match your business wardrobe with ease.

Brushed leather is a full grain cow leather with a distressed look. Available in black and brown, this leather appeals to the rugged man!

Croco leather is a full grain cow leather, enhanced by a stamp imitating crocodile skin. Very elegant and sophisticated, this is for the dandy guy.

Click here to Buy Now: $37.00