A radio for the open-minded!

The Airo is an avant-garde radio that destroys the misconceptions that technology and information should be personalized.

Airo is an experimental radio that reads tweets out to you. Using Arduino controllers and Twitter’s API, the Airo fetches tweets and translates text to speech, reading them out like the headlines on a radio. Built with a vertical volume controller at its base, and a knob that lets you select the type of tweet, you can have a stream of news, tech, or music related tweets. A fan at the back acts as a metaphorical horizon widener, allowing you to access tweets from a wider area. Open the fan out more, and the Airo fetches tweets from a larger radius.

Designed in and for an era where most news we consume is customized and designed to suit and strengthen our own bubble of beliefs and ideologies, the Airo aims to be a product that looks at information agnostically, delivering tweets to you without filtering or customizing them, and allowing you to physically and mentally broaden horizons! In short, Airo doesn’t use cookies to provide an optimized experience. Airo keeps it real. Be like Airo.

Designers: Varenya Raj, Yuxi Liu, Surojit Dey, & Sindhu Mandari.