Soft Lighting Find Its Way

Reflected light on paper can be annoying, especially when one is reading. Soft Light provides the user with a luminescence that can be positioned to best suit the user’s needs. It functions both as indoor and outdoor lighting, and gives the user the flexibility to “mould” its form to suit specific environments and conditions.

Its slim, flexible and pliable body allows it to be bent into various shapes. It can be used as decorative lighting indoors, as tent markers, as light strips for backpackers, or as decoration outdoors. The user is able to adjust the height and direction of the lighting by stretching its “neck” (the long cord), rotating the “head” and controlling the button. The lamp holder acts as a charger that charges the lamp for outdoor use, or when it is disconnected from its holder indoors.

Designer: Yang Hai, Mingshuo Zhang,Yushan Wang & Yuan Kang