Tic ciT, Tac caT, Toe eoT

Let’s reflect on the futility of some endeavors in life. I will borrow a chunk of a favorite Alicia Silverstone quote, playing Tic Tac Toe is as futile as “searching for meaning in a Pauli Shore movie…” One of the first games I ever learned to play as a child was Tic Tac Toe. The lesson I am assuming to be learned with Tic Tac Toe is that life is about the journey, because the destination is the same no matter what you do. None of that has anything to do with this design by Shahar Peleg. “Mirror Tic Tac Toe” is a rad little board game with half Os and Xs that only are complete when put in play… yet another metaphor about life? Not sure, I do know I am hungry and can’t philosophize on an empty stomach. Wait, is that also another metaphor?

Designer: Shahar Peleg [ Via: DVICE ]


  • So says:

    Hmm … Another Office Gimmick Toy? With some shiny and use of relfectiion …

  • JT says:

    Nice concept!

    • So says:

      Why is it a nice concept? Its not even a new thing … its just aethetics

      • Lim says:

        Then lets called it nice aesthetic concept ?

      • JT says:

        Well, I liked the idea. Things must be NEW to be nice? Well, anyway, it was new to me and I liked the way the glass completes the shape. That’s all.

  • ilya says:


  • Steve Page says:

    Kinda useless and pointless, just perfect for any science museum or anywhere else with a gift shop looking for ideas to shift low cost items at a high price to a public desperate to purchase, just slap on a name of the place your visiting.

    Sure to be a hit!!!!!!!

    (You know its true!)

  • carl says:

    Junk.. stocking filler cr4p for rich westeners… pointless and after 3 mintues useless..

    • Alotta Fajeyenah says:

      WTH does “rich westerners” have to do with it?

      As a “rich westerner” I would like to say, “bite me”.

  • Def says:

    Nice, is there a way to do it for chess? Would love to see it in Star Trek

  • Willzville says:

    Wow you guys are not only stupid, but so negative. Something like this would be a nice display piece, possibly in a display cabinet, on an unoccupied bookshelf or on top of a surface that wouldn’t be used.

    It looks a bit cheapish for my place, but if I ever saw an expensive version in a shop while I was walking buy then yeah theres a 75% chance I’d buy it.

  • carl says:

    there is a 75% chance Willzville is a tool..

  • freddy says:

    @Willzville: haha.

  • Shiella says:

    I like the design…Looks very nice.

  • jdacats says:

    Wow. What a bunch of cynical, elitist snobs! Oooooh, everything popular sucks. It’s all part of the decaying western empire. Let’s poop on everything people think is cool so that we appear above it all and clean.

    Get the f*** over yourselves.

    damn oxygen thieves.

  • anto says:


  • powaz says:

    well, the wobble chess set received a design distinction from ID, so…

    Much of design is what is said about it – for better or worse. Now if this idea had come up and was immediately mass produced from cheap materials in a size that rendered it virtually useless, then that is one thing. On the other hand, it could first presented for discussion in a (presumably) educated forum, and philosophical connections can be drawn to life’s futilities, and it is produced of high quality material, that is another.

    The consumer is the final factor. Do you appreciate this design? Does it mean something to you? Can you admire what the Designer has presented – in this case a thoughtful and intriguing twist on an ancient game? As consumers, we should buy things that mean something and which are of use to us. Think about it. Is it meaningful to you? Fine. I hope you get one! For me, I might tend to agree with the MOMA comment.

  • Nan says:


    but more like a display to amuse people…

  • Extremely simple, but great idea. I swear I have seen this sort of thing before though.

  • ar design says:

    mmm I’m not impressed

  • Eric says:

    I like it. I think it looks nice. And thats all I would say in a store if I saw it, cause I NEVER play tic-tac-toe and WHEN I do, I’d rather use a pen and paper… They could magnatize it though and call it a road game to sell more. Either way a gimmick!

  • Alex says:


  • Bauski says:


    some rich westerner

  • Paul says:

    Why ‘rich westeners’??? You do realise the far east has a larger portion of world wealth than the west! No need to get all racial.. chip on shoulder!

  • jacob says:

    good job buddie

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