Excited(!) to refuel?


Going through college, it’s almost as though there’s an unsaid list of products one must design before graduating. Some of these products are power tools, kitchen utensils, dehumidifier and an electric vehicle charger. So, of course, one can find an abundance of these all throughout Bēhance, making it difficult to stand out. Not for Youngwoo Lee and his ‘Exclamation Mark,’ making a stand out concept for the EV Charging Concept world.

What I like most about this concept is the simplicity in its form. This charger isn’t trying to be anything more than it is, alleviating any unnecessary complications that arise from over-designed interfaces. There are only four interaction points on the interface, making this virtually foolproof to use. While the housing itself is a little more complex but once again, not screaming for attention. In a fully crowded parking lot, these may be difficult to spot due to their low profile, but with appropriate signage, these guys should fit right pretty perfectly.

Designer: Youngwoo Lee