Is this the Uber of the future?


The recent release of renderings for Bermuda-based Airis Aerospace’s AirisOne vehicle brings us one step closer to zero-emissions personal aircraft of the future. This all-electric, quad-winged aircraft will carry you and 4 friends in complete comfort on short trips between and within close cities… all without a pilot!

Equipped with advanced avionics systems capable of autonomous navigation (hopefully more reliable and safe than Uber’s), dual co-axial lift fans for vertical take-off/landing and a series of eight articulating thrusters, it’s capable of traveling 175 mph up to 200 miles with simple destination inputs from passengers. To show just how serious they are about getting this thing off the ground, Airis co-founder and CEO John Narraway points out that design touches like hidden rotors have been purposefully hidden to calm the nerves of anxious riders. Designed with safety and accessibility in mind, it would also be one of the world’s only wheelchair accessible aircraft.

Designer: Ray Mattison of Airis Aerospace