It’s knife to meat you!


The Blanka was designed to be a miniature cleaver. Its design follows the cleaver’s big blade form, but the entire knife just about fits in your palm, making it look cute, but incredibly capable. The Blanka has a blade made out of VG-10 Japanese steel, along with a handle cut in a glass-reinforced resin material. The blade has two cutting edges, along with a Japanese-style tanto tip, allowing you to use the front edge of the blade as a cutting edge as well. This makes the Blanka extremely versatile as you can grip it in any fashion, exerting a downward, upward, or even forward motion. The semi-circular cut permeates both the blade and the grip, giving you a nice place to rest your index finger as you work the blade.

The knife comes with its own lanyard hole as well as a leather sheath that you can suspend from your belt hoop or even slip into your pocket. With a blade that is sharp on all edges, the Blanka is perfect for cutting, chopping, slicing, and piercing. So don’t really go by its toyish size!

Designer: JHO Knives

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