This Ergonomic Metal Ruler Is The Perfect Stationery EDC Hybrid

Who would have guessed something as simple as a ruler could get a dose of innovation for quality of life? Yes, that’s right as your trusted good old ruler can be way better than what you have lying in your drawer. Meet the 25° Ruler that’ll make all the rulers out there seem dated with its small changes that result in big benefits. Riding on the resounding success of the 30° Ruler this tool is a must-have for everyone who wants the assurance of millimeter perfection in everything that can be measured.

Designer: orangered life

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Made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, the lightweight ruler is built for unparalleled precision and durability. To ensure the measurements are perfect every time, the tool is laser-engraved with markings that don’t wear out or fade away with years of use. To make sure this resourceful ruler is useful for anyone out there – be it a student, homeowner, or a professional – there are five different sizes available for convenience. Of course, styling is not ignored here as you can get the 25° Ruler in five different color options as well.

The namesake derived from the angle of the ruler for the best ergonomic working position improves on the successful design of the 30° Ruler. A small improvement that goes a long way in improving usability is the positioning of the measurements of the marks at the bottom edge. So, at any point while using the ruler you don’t have to lean forward to read the markings, thereby enhancing the comfort of use and accuracy of readings taken. A good ruler should have a sharp edge but that can also be counterintuitive to safety – not the case with this ruler though. The hand holding the scale is naturally kept away from the blade with a teardrop-shaped design on the opposite side. This also makes it easy to pick up the ruler from smooth surfaces like a table.

Reading the ruler markings from a distance is very easy thanks to the clear and large fonts. To make sure the ruler is good enough for taking measurements in metric and imperial units. The dual-sided design has the millimeters, centimeters, and inches marked tactfully to make the easy transition. Accuracy is the key feature of the ruler as everything is labeled clearly. The biggest plus is the starting position at zero to ensure there are no blank spaces.

The 25° Ruler is available in five different sizes – the standard S, M, L, and the larger XL and XXL – each measuring 6 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches respectively. The peppy color options liven things up, so you can get the ruler in blue, green, black, white, or orange variants for a price starting at $26 for the standard-sized rulers, or $36 for the larger-sized ones in the early bird deals.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 Hurry! Only 4 Days Left! Raised over $100,000.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 Hurry! Only 4 Days Left! Raised over $100,000.