The jar that’s always full!

Aside from the food wastage problem this world faces, there’s also a space wastage problem that goes unnoticed. Containers that go in your kitchen cupboard or cellar are usually uniformly sized, but your food quantities never are. The result is a set of half-empty or nearly jars that still occupy the same space as the full ones, filling your cabinets with empty space rather than actual food. In comes the 1/2 Smart Storage System, an air-tight, telescopic jar that grows large or small tailoring itself exactly to the quantity of food you have.

Its innovative valved lid, gasket, and transparent construction make it perfect for any type of food. Made from BPA free, food grade plastic, the 1/2 Smart Storage System grows to 32 ounces and shrinks to 16, allowing you to store more containers in the same space as before by using up every bit of space. Just expand the jar, open the lid, and pour your contents in before closing the lid and pressing down on the top. Air releases from the valve on the jar’s lid, packing your food in tightly not only to make the jar more compact but to also remove excess air from inside the container, keeping your food fresher for longer. The swoosh sound it makes when you expel the excess air from inside the jar almost acts as an auditory reassurance that your food is air-locked and preserved well. The jar’s ability to shapeshift makes it ideal for every cabinet size, given its one-size-size-fits-all design… Plus it’ll make your cookie jar always look full, so you’re less likely to refill the thing every time it reaches half capacity!

Designer: Terence Myers (Botto Design)