A French Press Minus the Mess

Coffee is like gasoline for humans, only it costs about 5 times as much from coffee joints! That being said, it’s no wonder more people are heading back into their own kitchens for a good old-fashioned homebrew. If French press is your style, look no further than the Rite Press. While it functions just like a traditional French press, its design features a twist that makes it much easier to clean.

While the standard press is annoying to clean, the Rite Press has a patented removable bottom section that twists off. After you’ve pushed down the grounds and enjoyed your coffee, simply untwist the bottom and rinse it out for minimal cleanup that takes less than a minute. Because timing is everything, the Rite Press also features a magnetic hourglass that counts down the perfect brewing duration so you get the perfect cup each time!

Designer: Owen Read


Integrated Thermometer

Custom designed and manufactured thermometer has a simple Blue, Green, Red scale. Blue is too cold and Red is too hot. The Green zone is centered at 200 degrees, which is the optimal temperature for a great cup of coffee. The Rite thermometer lives in the shaft of the filter so it’s easy to use and is always on hand.

Built-in Hourglass

Timing is everything, especially in a coffee press. Both under- and over-brewing lead to bad-tasting coffee. Our built-in and simple to use hourglass is set for precisely 3 min and 30 seconds. When the sand is done flowing, it’s time to press down the plunger and enjoy an amazing cup. The Rite timer is magnetically attached to the Rite Press.

Patented Removable Bottom

French Press cleanup is notoriously annoying. We’ve solved that issue with our patented removable bottom, allowing you to conserve energy, water, and time.