Adding Air-care to Child-care

We measure and take special care of everything we put in the bodies of our children. From food to drink, we make sure they get exactly what they need and go to great lengths to keep the unhealthy stuff away. Then what about the air they breathe? Air quality has progressively gotten worse since when we were children, with polluting chemicals being only a small part of a very large problem. The air holds suspended particles of smoke (tobacco, car-smoke, etc.), bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like aerosols, benzene, etc.

Designed to look almost like a playful monster who eats up everything bad, the PLIBE (showcased at CES 2018) is a child-friendly air purifier that uses cutting-edge plasma ionization technology to purify the air in one’s immediate surroundings. Its monstrous avatar is engaging and playful, becoming almost like a child’s friend (in every sense!). The PLIBE clips anywhere, from a stroller to a bassinet/crib, working for 7 hours on a single charge. Its Plasma ionization purification means it doesn’t use any anti-pollutant chemicals/disinfectants or chemical-coated filters to clean the air. The plasma ion generator doesn’t need replacement either, and can be used indefinitely. It just needs manual cleaning once a week.

Running on a simple battery that can be charged via MicroUSB, the PLIBE is ideal for both outdoors and indoors. The air we breathe now is dramatically worse than what we breathed as children. With new pollutants entering the air every day (thanks to growing industrialization) and new viruses like the Zika making their appearance only in this decade, the air we breathe grows worse every day, even more so for children, with their developing immunity system. Plibe’s design puts healthy living and care in the palm of your hand. A much better solution than gas masks that inhibit one’s breathing while only partially purifying the air, PLIBE does a remarkable job of purifying the air of everything harmful, ensuring your child always breathes the purest air possible!

Designers: Jong Hoon Jeon & Moon Hyung Cho

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About Plasma Technology

This technology originates from conquest of space. When we supply energy (such as heat) to a substance, its state changes: from solid to liquid and to gas. If further energy is applied, the gas becomes ionized and transformed directly into plasma. Plasma is therefore the result of the transformation of the water present in the air into OH- and HOO- and of the oxygen of the air into 02- and 03+ anion. All these negative ions and positive ions have a direct impact in purifying the air. When the free radicals OH-, HOO- encounter a harmful substance, they rapidly surround, break down and eliminate the harmful material.

Smoke Test

Note: The tests are done with a device that uses the same plasma ion generating module that PLIBE has.

Fungi Test

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