Up Down Round and Round

The Hidden Radio concept by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen is all good if you know how to work a knob. By pulling the cap up, the user proportionately increases the volume. Twisting the cap tunes the radio and that blinking LED gets brighter as you climb into higher frequencies. I like that it doesn’t look like a radio but what’s wrong with a normal dial?

Designer: John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen


  • fb says:

    oooh now all i need is to actually listen to the radio

    but the only problem is – and if it was fixed it would change the entire design – is that the tuning is manual, not digital; tuning by turning knobs is so pre-2000.

    love the new look, form meets function indeed.

  • So says:

    Hmm don’t mean to be a meanie but “dust-bin” came into mind at the first glimpse? And seriously another “apple brand” fanatic wannabe?

  • enoo says:

    Funny concept – I can easily imagine people punch the radio to shut it down.
    Now, what is the sound quality of such a thing, are the speakers built-in?

  • deanween8 says:

    good idea, boring shape.

  • powers says:

    I like the other design that came along, the one with the cone on top. This one looks like a stool. It just seems confusing and impractical.

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