This knife is hole-some and wholesome

The best way to describe the CRKT Daktyl is probably to say “futuristic alien design meets minimalism”. The Daktyl takes on a very distinct aesthetic, much like most of CRKT’s tools (take the Snap Lock Knife for example). However, what instantly captures one’s eye is its bare-basic language, with focus going to the circular element in the middle. The circle isn’t just a visual element but is pretty useful too. Built with a carabiner clip and a bottle opening edge, the Daktyl can be suspended from your backpack strap or your belt loop by the ‘O’ element.

The Daktyl’s blade and handle are in a lot of ways similar to the Snap Lock. The blade opens sideways as opposed to most switchblade knives, and comes with a locking and unlocking clip. Close the blade and it sits perfectly inside the hollowed handle, with its sharp edge hidden away. Open the blade out and you’ve got a pretty marvelous looking knife with an eye-catching ‘O’ element in the middle and a wonderfully light looking hollow handle. Designed by Tom Hitchcock for the Columbia River Knife and Tool company, the Daktyl weighs and incredibly light 2.4 ounces and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Designers: Tom Hitchcock & CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool).

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