This Transparent Stationery Kit Tells Stories Through Its Unconventional Design

The stationery from Royi looks nothing like the kind you’re used to – They make office supplies that have stories to tell. These stories teach us important lessons, like being honest and true to ourselves. Royi’s staplers and hard disks aren’t just regular—they’re see-through, showing us what’s inside. This makes us think about what’s really important. In this article, we’ll explore how Royi Stationery makes our daily tasks more meaningful. Join us as we discover the stories behind their creations and how they can change the way we see our workspace.

Designers: YoonJeong LeeHyobin Jeon, and yerin An

The tale of the naked king is a timeless fable that transcends generations. It speaks of a monarch consumed by vanity, whose obsession with outward appearances leads to his ultimate folly. This narrative, originating centuries ago, finds new life in Royi’s modern interpretation.

The story of the naked king serves as a poignant reminder of the risks of superficiality, urging individuals to look beyond the façade and introspect. Royi Stationery, through its thoughtful design choices, aims to evoke this reflection in everyday moments.

Imagine your everyday stapler but with a twist! A stapler that doesn’t hide what’s inside. It’s see-through, like a window into its inner workings. When you press it down, you can actually see the staple punching through the papers. It’s not just a regular stapler; it’s like a symbol of honesty and openness, reminding us of an old story about a king who learned the hard way about the importance of being true to oneself.

Now, think about your external hard disk. Normally, it’s just a box that holds your files. But what if you could see through it? You’d notice all the tiny parts inside, working hard to keep your data safe. That transparent casing isn’t just for show; it’s a reminder of how precious our information is and how much we rely on technology to protect it.

Even something as simple as a coin bank can tell a story. Imagine watching your coins pile up through a clear container. It’s like seeing your savings grow right before your eyes. Each coin becomes a tiny piece of freedom, echoing the dreams of a king who longed to break free from the constraints of his kingdom.

What makes Royi Stationery special is that they aren’t just products; they are stories. Each item is designed with a purpose, to remind us of important lessons and spark our imagination. In a world where looks often overshadow meaning, Royi Stationery stands out by putting the message front and center.

So, next time you reach for a stapler or plug in your hard disk, take a moment to think about the story behind it. A lot of times the story is lost behind the superficial aesthetic of products and the reason for their creation does not hold the value that it actually should. Objects can hold a lot of value if they come with a lesson just like this one. So that’s why this stationery set invites us to look beyond the surface and engage with our everyday objects in a meaningful way. It’s a gentle nudge to pause, reflect, and appreciate the wisdom hidden in the things we use every day.