2007 Microsoft Next PC Design

Chocolate Box – Inspired by the famous quote, Life is like a box of Chocolates, the aesthetic analogy is that contained within this beautiful box is a world of surprises and adventures which essentially is the nature of entertainment itself. Chocolate Box is an entertainment management system designed to offer intuitive ease of use. Each cube contained within the box can have content loaded on to them separately from the home computer via the internet. The user then simply places the cube into the port inside the box to activate that aspect of media, for example, video. Once activated, a blue LED on top of the cube glows, as does the LED on the touch-screen remote. The appropriate menu appears on the remote screen automatically and the viewing can then begin.

Pussy Cat – A real mobile PC that implements A.I. robot and air refresher. The main concept of designing a moving computer is to make convenience for people that they are doing something else but they can use computer without their own move. Pussy Cat will come immediately to serve your purpose. It also provides us fresh environment and fun. Pussy Cat have 2 modes: Personal Computer Mode and Pussy Cat Mode. As a Personal Computer, all basic tasks: watching video, listening music, playing game, surfing internet, instant messaging, email, reminder, alarm, etc. As a Pussy Cat, an A.I. 4-legged robotic cat can move around home. It has face recognition technology that let it remember who is master. Under our control, it can be a good home monitor and would have fun in role play with distant friends. Lit footprints make it brights anywhere anytime. A self-feeding system, this is an automatic charging technology for charging up the power. It is an air refresher for making fresh environment.

Pre-Pixel Preservation – There are millions of pre-digital files decaying in public and private spaces. This concept is a solution to translate this historical/memorable information into a place where the files can be shared and preserved. One of the greatest components about digital data is that it has an unique ability to be persevered in comparison to a physical artifact such as a photo, tape, or film. Not only are these analog artifacts becoming extinct in the big picture but also the tools for processing, duplicating, viewing, and developing are slowly disappearing. Digital media can effortlessly be modified, stored, and reproduced in a short amount of time. Computers now have storage capabilities are nearly endless. The balance between the cost of disk space and preserving memory/artifact are incomparable, this is an opportunity to help users to collect memories, share with others, and preserve history. There has yet to be an efficient method to bridge the barrier between analog and digital media.