An awesome-looking awesome-sounding bike bell

The title pretty much says what I have to about Spurcycle’s bell. It’s refreshingly different, with its clean look, clean sound, and compact size. It is to bike bells what Ariana Grande is to vocalists… Tiny, beautiful, and an absolute pleasure to the ears.

Made in the USA out of precisely engineered stainless steel and brass components, the Spurcycle bell has a brilliant, resounding, long chime sound that sounds extremely pleasing rather than the annoying trill of most bike bells. The sound has a great pitch, and becomes loud for a bit before fading to silence over a span of 8-10 seconds. Available in brushed metal and coated black versions, the Spurcycle bell also comes with a lifetime warranty, because with a bell that’s so pleasing to look at and listen to, you’ll probably want it for life!

Designer: Spurcycle

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