A cup of jet-engine brewed coffee!


Coffee and jet-propellers are both synonymous with energy and vigor. Apparently, that’s enough to combine the two into a product that looks as powerful and strong as the brew it produces!

The Aviatore Veloce is a quarter-scaled recreation of a jet engine… that also makes espresso! Slide open the top, place your coffee grounds and water in their respective areas and power the machine and the Aviatore Veloce uses its high-pressure brewing system to prepare single servings of espresso (or even tea if you swap the coffee grounds for tea leaves).

The Aviatore Veloce is even made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel and aluminum bronze to give it its authentic feel. Limited to just a 100 pieces, I imagine the Avaitore Veloce is perfect for boardrooms at Boeing and Airbus… of for someone who really needs a jet-engine coffee maker to ‘turbocharge’ their morning! If you’re into this sort of thing, boy do we have the perfect chandelier for you!

Designer: Superveloce