A DIY Pap App!


Dreading your next visit to the gyno for your pap smear?! Nobody, and I mean nobody, blames you. Have no fear, Domi Care is here! This DIY pap smear device makes it possible for just about anyone with lady parts to take care of business from the comfort of home.

This at home pap test works a lot like one of those genetic testing services like 23 and Me, only it’s for detecting pre-cancerous cells. Following similar steps to inserting a tampon, one can take a sample in seconds. Then, with a smartphone app, users can track their test progress, access the results and even communicate directly with their doctors. It’s great not only for those who are uncomfortable at the office, but also for women who typically wouldn’t have access to a primary care physician.

Domi Care won first place in the 2018 International Housewares Association Student Design Competition.

Designers: Anastasia Miller and Lauren Emmerson


The current pap test environment does not promote a comfortable state of being. Statistically a quarter of the population suffers from White Coat Syndrome. WCS is anxiety related to doctor’s office visits, which subsequently can lead to affected test results.


While developing Domi Care we recognized the importance of making an easy to use test to mitigate user error. With this in mind, we created a similar form factor to a tampon, as this is something that most users are familiar with.


Along with developing Domi Care itself, we developed an app that would look to solve many of the anxiety issues surrounding a pap test.