A headrest for your hardhat


Walk into my house and you’ll see my helmet lying somewhere on the floor of my living room. I’ve got no other place to keep it! It occupies too much real estate on tabletops, and doesn’t really fit on the coat-hanger, so the only option I have is to have it resting on the floor somewhere. Marc Graells, the designer of the Halley Helmet Stand had a similar disposition. “I was fed up with spending money on my helmet to then have it hidden in a cupboard or torn by a traditional hook. I take pride in my bike and my helmet on the road and I wanted to bring that into my home. I was looking at the racks out there but nothing met my expectations, I wanted something functional that would look after my helmet but also stylish.”, he said.

The Halley displays your helmet in full glory, while making sure its spherical resting area doesn’t damage the inner lining of the helmet. Made to look like a decorative element without the helmet, but recede into the background and let the helmet shine when placed on it, the Halley Helmet Stand knows when to look aesthetic, and when to be functional. And it’s so much better than storing your helmet in your cupboard… or keeping it on the floor (who, me?).

Designer: Halley Accessories