Let sunlight be your wallpaper!


“I want a house where I can feel the sky” sounds more like poetry than a design brief, but then again, the resulting product also feels like visual poetry rather a regular skylight. Built by Satoh Hirotaka Architects to let the sky paint the insides of your house, the Message From The Sky is an interactive skylight that changes with time and weather, turning your wall into a piece of art that’s seldom the same. Based on the season, time of the day, cloud cover, precipitation, and general color of the sky, the house’s wall looks completely different. Pair it with the moving slats that create mesmeric parallelogram patterns and you’ve got a room that’s beautifully decorated by sunlight! I can just see myself reaching for the Instagram icon!

The Message From The Sky is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designer: Satoh Hirotaka Architects