Combining two speakers in one, One Plus lets you carry most suitable one for different situations

iPod Classic brought about a divine change in personal music consumption and it inspired various renditions within Apple’s assembly lines and beyond. I wouldn’t expect it to be an inspiration for a device in 2022 but the detachable little part of the One Plus Bluetooth Speaker does take me back in time.

It features an iPod Classic-like circular control panel and a speaker system on top where the little screen rested on the portable music player from Apple. It detaches or clings back into the body of the One Plus speaker (which as the name suggests is a one + one device: the main speaker plus the detachable tiny tot).

Designer: Jiayan, Li

Designed in neat white with subtle orange accents, the speaker system is meant to play music with hands-free ease from your smartphone or computer using Bluetooth. Since we carry the most suitable speakers for different situations – whether indoors or outdoors – Jiayan, Li has conceived this blend of a mini and a large speaker for us. The combo can be used independently or combined to build a music system at home or outdoors.

One Plus Bluetooth Speaker, therefore, allows you to enjoy listening to music around the house while reading a book or reconfigure the setup to relish crystal clear music while exercising outdoors. According to the designer, the form factor of the One Plus speaker is pretty geometrical. It is based on square, circle, and pill shape: the elements in combination create the complete design.

Meant for portable usage, the speaker(s) is lightweight and has an ergonomic design, whether you consider the pill-shaped detachable option or the larger book-like form factor, which features a handle for convenience on the go. The speaker automatically connects to devices over Bluetooth or presumably latches on to the Wi-Fi network to stream audio directly from your device. So the only thing you have to think of is, what song to play!