The forever-futuristic knife

There’s something timeless about the CRKT Snap Lock Knife. For starters, looking at it, you probably wouldn’t have figured that this knife was in production as early as 2004 (it won the Most Innovative Knife Award at the Blade Show). It looks incredibly cutting edge (clever wordplay?) even today, for a knife design that’s turning 14 this year. CRKT’s reissue of this legendary blade means more people can own it and be charmed by its awe-inspiring design that comes with a pretty nifty looking cam mechanism that allows the blade to rotate on a completely different axis as compared to switchblades/folding-blades. The mechanism demands the knife have a hollow handle that allows it to look just stunning when opened AND when closed, while making sure that the knife itself remains lightweight (weighing just 2.56 ounces). As a result, when closed, the sharp edge of the blade is completely concealed and out of harm’s way. What’s more, the knife’s design even integrates a money clip into the product. Made in 2004… Desirable forever after.

Designers: Ed Van Hoy & CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool).

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