These Two Countries Dominate at the A’ Design Awards


With 584 and 554 awards respectively, USA and China stand with the most number of awards won at the A’ Design Awards and Competition. The World Design Rankings provide a window into which country is the most design-sensitive, and has embraced design thinking as a way of life. It’s no surprise though that the world’s biggest hub for design, and the upcoming hub for design would stand at the first two positions. However, I believe all that can change.

The A’ Design Awards and Competition, every year, look to create a map of the best in the design world, rewarding designers and studios for their work, but also using that very work to categorize countries based on their design-forwardness (the two stalwarts are followed by Japan, Italy, and Hong Kong). With its 2018 chapter open, you’ve got your chance to not just showcase your work to the entire world but also do your bit to further the design profession in your country, and raise your country’s position on the World Design Rankings.

Below we’ve compiled work from the top two countries on the rankings, although we believe that it’s just a matter of time before this round-up becomes more and more diverse. You can head down to the A’ Design Awards and Competition website to submit your entries before the 28th of February. Every entry you submit raises your country’s score (even more if it wins an award!). The A’ Design Awards are judged by a stellar jury of 170+ highly respected designers who span all design disciplines and are spread all over the world. These jurors judge designs over a wide variety of categories (some of them being Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Electronic Devices Design, Transportation Design, Medical Devices Design, Home Appliances Design and MANY more). Head down to their website to read more about the design category that fits your project. You can click here to know more about the awards and how winning can change your design career!

Register Here for the A’ Design Awards and Competition 2018 : Deadline 28th February

YD’s Favorite Projects from the World Design Rankings

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross Game Decor by Pip Tompkin Design (USA)


The clever dice game from Pip Tompkin Design is universal in the regard that it doesn’t use languages. Just numbers. And can be played by all age groups. A simple game of bluff played with dice, the Double Cross was designed not just to be a fun game, but also a beautiful product. When closed, unlike other board games that get stored in cabinets or under beds, the Double Cross can be kept on mantelpieces or coffee tables as an inviting, sculptural artpiece.

Changeable Chair Chair by ShockWave Design Studio (China)


The Changeable Chair is a workspace in itself. With the ability to plug different units in, the chair’s sides can be used for decor as well as productivity. With the ability to dock anything from cups to pens, to notebooks, to even tiny succulents, the Changeable Chair is your favorite place to be because it’s got place to store all your favorite things!

Shadowbrook 3D Printed Metal Faucet by DXV by American Standard (USA)

No surprise that the Shadowbrook faucet made it to the list. It’s still (even after 2 years) the most beautiful faucet we’ve seen as it takes the flow of water, abstracts it, and prints it in metal, creating an artpiece that’s difficult to turn your eye away from, and virtually impossible to imitate!

YOGA 900s Convertible laptop by Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. (China)

There’s sheer beauty in Lenovo’s Yoga 900s hinge. Comparable to that of the Microsoft Surface Book, this laptop’s hinge looks beautiful, efficient, and unbeatable. It also ties two sleek laptop bits together, i.e., the screen and the keyboard. Designed using a combination of rose gold, matte black, and just hints of metallic grey near the hinge, the Yoga 900s is more than a machine, it’s art and technology combined.

UA Architech Footwear by Alan Guyan and John Acevedo (USA)

The 3D printed footwear trend is just barely catching up now, even though its seed was sown in 2016. UnderArmour’s Architech series explores 3D printed outsoles that give your performance an edge over the rest. The sole design not only gives a locked-in, supportive feel, but also flexes and moves with the foot to provide a Zero Distractions experience. Additionally, it’s a design that’s difficult to imitate or rip-off. Two birds with one stone, I say!

Koinobori Toothpaste For Children by JM Yu, J Wang, QY Zhou, GW Lyu, QY Yu (China)

Quirky enough to get your child to brush, the Koinobori Toothpaste explores an unusual shape wherein it resembles a fish! The playful design however comes with a sensible detail. Instead of most toothpaste tubes that come with a circular hole, the Koinobori comes with a half-circle outlet that extrudes your toothpaste in a way that won’t slide or roll off your toothbrush easily. Interestingly enough, the Koinobori, a Japanese carp image, is an item of Japan’s traditional festival. On this festival, every family would hang up some flag in the shape of koinobori, with best wishes that children can grow up faster and become more independent. A collaborative design between Japan and China, the Koinobori toothpaste aims at keeping the tradition going strong in today’s fast-paced modern culture.

Impressed? Inspired? Well then, go ahead and save your spot for next year’s A’ Design Award, and help push your country to the top of the World Design Rankings. Don’t wait up! Go register immediately! February 28th will be here before you know it!