Calling all design visionaries! A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries

You know, we at Yanko really live for design award programs. They’re our beehives for amazing design content, and nothing gives us more joy than sharing inspirational designs with you guys! A’Design Awards and Competition is one such beehive that always supplies us, and in turn you, with crazy awesome content. You can scroll down to get a glimpse of our favorites from this year.

Take a good look at the designs below because they’re your benchmark now! A’Design is taking entries again for the 2016-17 leg of the competition and their list of prizes and benefits keep getting bigger, with absolutely amazing universal networking opportunities for people who just register! That’s right, registrants get included in A’Design’s extensive World Design Index and their Design Encyclopedia. Winners get their own PR campaign, featured across design publications, and so much more (including an invitation to the gala night!). So get scrolling, check out the awesome work and imagine your best design being included there in our next article! Sounds epic, doesn’t it? Here, I’ll help you out… Click here (or at the bottom) to register once you’re done checking out the stellar design work below!

Pssst. Here’s some inner scoop for you. The last deadline for registering your entries is February 28th 2017, so that literally gives you enough time to start and finish your pet project. Take that idea out of your mind, put it on paper, and watch it blossom into reality right here!

01. Swing by Vestel ID Team

You know how you always have to buy a TV Cabinet with your television? That’s a thing of the past, with the Swing TV! The television truly looks like it has its own body and soul!

02. Lw-01 by YeQuan Liu

Remember the Lw-01? This is a classic example of a design project that turned into a success story, thanks to A’Design! The bottle cap doubles up as a pill storage, constantly reminding you to take your medicine. Genius!

03. Grandwizard by Yu Hiraoka

You’ll see a lot of rectangular electronic devices, but nothing shaped quite like the Grandmaster. This deejaying device doesn’t just have a cool silhouette, look at its interface! Drool!

04. Light Line by Mohammad Khodabandehloo

With street lights that look like these, we’d probably spend more time outdoors than in. Right?

05. Fanclastic by Ksenia Roshchenya

The Fanclastic actually teaches children much more intricate and complex joineries than your regular Lego. If you want your kid to be a tactile and mechanical whiz, the Fanclastic is the perfect toy.

06. Lr16 by Adam Miklosi

Boy, this one’s perfect for a design debate. The Lr16 is a minimal coffin designed using industrial procedures, and with enhanced functionality, as opposed to the older, traditional hand-crafted means. The plastic coffin is stackable, has a characteristic that’s strangely complementary to the theme of death, and even comes with grooves for easy carrying, and ‘docking of bouquets’. Thoughts, anyone?

07. Mitosis by Soroush Vahidian Kamyar

Did design just teach me molecular biology?! Yes it did! These series of lamps are aesthetic, entertaining, and educating, all bundled in one!

08. Positive Negative by Xiaofei Cui

Are these not the most awesome looking minibars you could own? Sign me up for one!

09. Ocha 2.0 Customisable Tea Maker by Sachin NP

The Ocha is so sculptural, I wouldn’t dare disgrace it by calling it a kitchen appliance! Plus it brews tea, so I give it extra love!

10. Nextbit Robin Smartphone by Nextbit

Oh, your phone has 128Gb of storage? Cute! Because the Nextbit Robin has unlimited storage! How? All your data gets stored on cloud servers, keeping your phone nimble and always free of clutter!

11. The Future of Us by Advanced Architecture Laboratory

The Future of Us Exhibition Pavilion is a massive jewel on display in itself! Just look at that crazy awesome architecture and tell me you’re not wowed.

12. Bird Wearable input device by product design

We’ve got Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and a bunch of other AI avatars. We don’t however, have Jarvis like abilities. The Bird wearable does that for us, allowing us to use our fingertips to remote control any smart device. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here!

13. Nest by Paul Ketz

Trapped in the materialistic world? The Nest is perfect for you. It traps and holds objects that you put into it, almost like a philosophical shelf. Personal favorite!

14. Qwikflip 6-in-1 Activity Center by Grow’n Up R&D Team Wally Sze, King Yuen, Stimson Chow, Samuel Lee

Kids get bored of their toys so easily. The Qwikflip, however, will keep your child entertained for quite a while with its morphing design that allows it to turn into 6 different activity centers!

15. The Birth by h220430

Arguably one of the most awe-inspiring chandeliers out there, The Birth actually does something clever by facing the lightbulbs inside. A perfect example of a great idea backed by great execution!

So there you have it. These are our curated picks from the A’ Design Award and Competition winner’s gallery. Head down to their full gallery to check them all out! And don’t forget to register too! After all, you got to know your competition, right? *wink wink*