A Cutting Board That ‘Cuts’ Prep Time in Half!


The life of a designer turned writer is quite frustrating. The number of times I come across a product and go “Why didn’t I think of that?!” is damn near uncountable, but I guess the joy of sharing innovative designs that fascinate outweighs the jealousy of not being the design’s creator. I love designs that don’t take convention for granted. Solving a problem often means throwing the existing solution, the status quo, out of the window. That’s what SliceX does. Simple, effective, and with practically no expertise or practice required, the SliceX lets you slice small fruits and vegetables in half with one single knife stroke.

Ideal for grapes, cherry tomatoes, berries, nuts, mushrooms (I could go on, really), the Slicex is a slicing board that strays from the conventional flat surface design of cutting boards. It uses a V-shaped channel and a slit to run your knife through, to slice your fruits and veggies right down the center. The items you need to cut align themselves in a straight line, thanks to gravity, and with one single motion, you’ve sliced all your fruits and veggies in half… perfectly down the middle.

The SliceX comprises two flat components that slide into one another in an X-shaped formation. Made out of heavy-duty HDPE (used in most cutting boards), the SliceX is easy on your knives, non-toxic, and dishwasher friendly. The fact that it separates into two flat boards also makes it easy to store in your kitchen. Using the SliceX is, in fact, easier than using most cutting boards. It saves you the trouble of manually cutting each fruit/veggie you have one by one. It also eliminates the need for you to hold down your food as you cut it, making things much safer… and by virtue of its design, it allows you to slice everything exactly down the center, just as any master chef would. The SliceX saves time, energy, and encourages you to prepare your own food through its fun, delightful, OCD-pleasing cutting experience. Yes, I think I’m definitely jealous for not having thought of this before!

Designer: Dan Beltramo

Click here to Buy Now: $14.00










Click here to Buy Now: $14.00