A tear-off mini-calendar to help you keep resolutions

Statistics say that 88% of new year resolutions end up getting abandoned… most of them by the 12th of January (that’s not even two weeks in). Studies also show that it takes roughly 21 days for an action to become a habit. Do something for three weeks and you get conditioned into doing it for longer. Hit the gym for three weeks and your body shows a good deal of results, pushing you to work out. Quit smoking for 21 days and you’re less likely to crave a cigarette. The better. Pad lets you embark on that 21 day journey to becoming a better you.

Comprising 21 tear-off papers that you can rip off when you complete a goal, the better. pad helps you count your days down as you stay true to your new habit/resolution. At the end of 21 days you receive a sticker (located at the end of the book) that helps you commemorate sticking to your resolution. A great book to have at home, keep at the office, or give to a friend, the better. pad can be used for anything from quitting old habits to forming newer, healthier ones. We’ve entered February. It’s still not too late to be your best self!

Designers: Fabio Castellanos and Natalia Szabla for the7thFl

Click Here To Buy Now: $8 (Exclusive Kickstarter Limited Edition).


better. is a self improvement tear-off pad. It is a booklet that encourages forming new habits and improving your life.

Have you ever made a resolution you had difficulty sticking to? You are not alone… Some studies state that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. better. would like to challenge you to make a self-improvement goals, no matter how big or small, and help you stick to it.



better. is a simple printed pad that makes the difficult process of habit change satisfying and encouraging. No unnecessary tech. No needless gimmicks.


Starting with day one, tear off one page a day, until you reach day 21.

The red ripple pattern, like the growing rings on a tree, expands every day to mark your journey, and give you a visual idea of your progress.


It’s all about small victories – the last page of the pad contains a special sticker prize. Each sticker will be accompanied by an explanation. The sticker you receive is random, and only you will know it’s meaning.




Click Here To Buy Now: $8 (Exclusive Kickstarter Limited Edition).