Music that’s beyond be-leaf!

You know how they say if you play Beethoven to plants, they grow better? Well, turns out your plants are pretty good musicians themselves! Yes, I mean that literally. The GreenNote is a speaker that connects to your plants, turning the micro-voltage energy that they give off into audio. Two biosensors are clipped to the plant’s leaves, and the extremely tiny amount of energy they give off, is converted into digital music. Touch the plant and the change in energy levels can cause the audio to change too, allowing you to be a part of this seemingly magical, music process!

The GreenNote separates into two parts. The upper part houses a wireless speaker which can be detached and carried around the house, while the lower part, aptly made from wood, connects to the plant via two biosensors. The lower hub is responsible for turning that negligible amount of electric current into beautifully calming ambient audio that is sure to soothe your soul. If you don’t believe me, watch the video above! Maybe this was what Julie Andrews meant when she said that the hills are alive with the sound of music!

Designer: GreenNote