Literally the ‘coolest’ wearable!

Scroll below and you’ll see a product, and then just pictures of people enjoying themselves. What’s happening?! You’ll ask… Well, look a little closer and you’ll see that everybody in those pictures has a tiny blö attached to them. It’s small (perhaps the size of an asthma inhaler) and virtually unnoticeable on your person, but it does something no wearable does.

The blö is the world’s first and smallest wearable cooling device. It draws air from the honeycomb-patterned outlet on the top, passing it over peppermint essential oils, and pushes the air out the bottom, allowing your skin to feel cool and stay comfortable. Its design easily lets it be worn over gym clothes, or even your regular apparel, keeping you on top of the weather even when it’s sweltering outside. The blö can be plugged near your chest, upper back, or even lower back to ensure you don’t have those sweaty patches, while making sure the heat never gets to you.

Leveraging the power of essential oils and aromatherapy, the blö may seem like a seasonal device, but it’s quite the opposite. In the monsoons or the winters, switch the peppermint for lemongrass or citronella and you’ve got a device that repels mosquitos! The blö can run for 4-8 hours, depending on the speed, and charges within an hour and a half, via MicroUSB. Pretty ‘cool’, isn’t it?

Designer: Robert Lupi