My word, Motorola!

Motorola has been the phone of my youth! I’ll never forget the days of flipping open my Motorola Razr and the level of excitement that I would get was second to none. That was then, so what now? The Livermorium Moto Z Keyboard Mod might just bring some feelings of nostalgia back, maybe even start their own memories for users now.

Avoiding the annoyance of currently having to sacrifice half of the screen to the keyboard interface, this keyboard mod makes texting a whole lot easier. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the keyboard to make it more comfortable in your hands. If the screen just isn’t bright enough for you, it even comes with a backlight that you can turn off.

Slim, discrete and practical, this Moto Z Mod may just be what the doctor ordered. In a world where phones are being manufactured to have fewer buttons, fewer openings and conforming to the less is more way of life (literally), it’s nice to see a change in the tide now and then.

Designer: Livermorium