Tok Took Toggling

Ooo I am loving this idea. Tok Took (say it fast!) Power Plug is a better and safer plug. The entire system works like a retractable pen with a toggle system. The prongs are hidden from touch until you lock it into the socket and press down. I imagine a hearing a satisfying “click” when doing so. It’s supposed to reduce the risk of electric shock and is a great way to “unplug” devices when not in use. Save energy people! Ooo and look at the cute little caddy. It’s adorable!

Designer: Soon Mo Kang

[youtube: 604 455]

Tok Took Power Plug by Soon Mo Kang






  • David Gilblom says:

    Like the idea, but we could save a lot of material by placing it in the socket instead of the plug..

  • eno says:

    idea is good but needs some careful calibration…
    what happens if you by accident hit the plug and it pops out?

  • Zack says:

    Looks good, cute plug.

  • Manas K says:

    What about aligning it with the socket? In normal pugs when pins are protruding out it is easy to align and put inside the socket. In this design aligning the holes in socket and plug and then pressign it would be difficult.

  • Johan says:

    Hm, too many parts that could break. The plug has to be able to take a beating; it needs to be super tough.

    Also, wouldn’t the spring need to be powerful enough to retract the prongs when inside the wall? So pushing out the prongs would have to be harder than the energy required to insert the plug. Given that many find the process of inserting the plug into the socket already hard enough, this solution would be even harder to handle for many.

    And I don’t really see the safety improved much either as that is a result of the depth of the outlet and shape of the plug – not the reachability of the prongs.

    Clever design of the plug has to take care of the plug and socket alignment issue, as this is something that ideally should not be up to the prongs themselves. If it was, this entire concept serves no purpose.

  • jihyeon Choi says:

    very good!! universal design!!

  • tnfreak says:

    i would like to say this is an interesting design and i would agree that the outlet itself could ALSO benefit from this as well with one minor difference for the socket end, either have it secure extended with a twist or perhaps have it extend out so far and have to be pulled to un-latch so it can retract

  • If this goes into production, make sure the plug isn’t perfectly round. Lining up retracted holes that you can’t see is not easy.

    Also, it might behoove to make the prongs expand like a flower when the button is pushed down. That would make retracting the plug without pressing in (or just falling out) much more difficult.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I like this, but this design won’t work in America. American prongs are built to take some good force to pull out.

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