Putting your watch where it matters

The Apple Watch puts a lot of things on your wrist. A timepiece, a phone, a music playback device, a fitness tracker, etc. While it’s great that the Apple Watch can do all those things, the fact that it’s called the Apple Watch very well means it has a location constraint. It needs to be on your wrist. A decade ago, I’d look at my wrist if I wanted to know the time. Now I need to look at my wrist to answer calls, read texts, play music, monitor my fitness… that sounds inelegant, and Edgegear’s Switch band tries to change that.

Not a drastic change, but a tiny one that makes a world of a difference, the Switch Band puts your Apple Watch right above the web of your hand. Meant to provide easy access to your stats during fitness training or activities, the Switch Band puts the Watch at a place where your eyes can simply see your watch screen without having to turn your wrist over. The Watch still pulls your health stats just fine and while doing so, trades the obvious solution of having a health tracker in a place where a watch should be, for something slightly unconventional, but dramatically better. To make things better, the Shift’s construction uses Viton, the same material used in Apple’s Watch bands to give them a longer life-span, and it’s more than capable of letting you mount your Garmin Fenix 3 or Suunto or even your Pebble on it…

Designer: Edgegear