It provides Knee-habilitation!


Providing rehabilitation to the kneecap, the Kneesup goes the extra mile by also coming with a health tracker in it. The lightweight device comes made of fabric, filled with air inside, not only cushioning the knee area but also making sure it doesn’t add any extra weight to the joint. Its ambidextrous nature allows it to be used on either leg with equal comfort and ease.

Designed to not only protect and prevent the kneecap from early stage degenerative arthritis but to also help wearers monitor their stats, the Kneesup comes with a small tracker that snaps onto the fabric sleeve that sits around your knee. Pairing with an app, the tracker allows you to track workouts and therapy sessions while also making sure you can monitor your health. So as to avoid confusion, the Kneesup comes with two separate easily swappable trackers for left and right knees. Providing physical as well as technical support, the Kneesup uses a software-hardware co-design that creates a smart rehabilitation experience!

The Kneesup is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Liu Yan-Fu