CKIE Product of the week – Exclamation Cup Holder


Picture this. Your work-space cluttered with important documents. Probably your laptop too (an expensive one, no doubt). You’re beginning to get bogged down with all that work, so you grab a hot cup of coffee (or a can of Coke) and sheer bad luck strikes. You knock your drink over, drenching your papers and destroying your laptop. The Exclamation Cup Holder prevents such unforeseen disasters from occurring in the first place. Made out of Sheet metal and Silicone, the cup holder has a collapsible pocket that can hold anything from your soft drink can, to your mug of tea/coffee, your juice-box, to even your phone. It’s also a dream device for parents who have toddlers who knock their milk-bottles to the floor every other second. Just clip it onto any table edge and you’re taken care of. The sheet metal is thick enough to take on a good amount of weight, and the silicone pads provide a more-than-healthy amount of friction to prevent accidental un-clipping or slipping off. Now isn’t that just handy and dandy!

Available at: CKIE [Buy it here]