Feeling Time Hot & Cold!

The Rub Feel Know is a concept watch for the visually impaired and it tells the time in a very unique way. The hour circle and minute circles have different shapes so that they are intuitively distinguished. Plus both the circles maintain different temperatures, just to be double sure. The hour circle is warmer and minute circle is colder.


Larger concave circle in the watch is hour circle maintaining a temperature of 37 degrees C, which feels relatively warm and thus intuitively indicates the exact hour of time.


Smaller convex circle in the watch is minute circle maintaining a temperature of 12 degrees C, which feels relatively cold and thus intuitively indicates the exact minute of time.

Designer: Jung Hoon Lee


  • Octavio says:

    Is this for sale? were or how can i buy it?

    Its a magnific project, beautiful and useful.


  • Hunter says:

    Is this on sale on market?

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