A Chameleon-like Crime Stopper


The Autonomous Police Vehicle by Or Gal is totally giving us Viper vibes! Like the awesome 1990s TV show, this concept is a sneaky twist on the classic police cruiser armed with an array of enhancements that make it a fearsome tools for fighting crime.

Its special abilities include a visually impenetrable exterior that shields the person inside. Its skin is actually one giant color changing display so it can adapt to match its surroundings. This adaptive skin also allows the windshield to display text to send messages to surrounding motorists or alert a vehicle it’s pulling over.

A smart system is connected with a central hub and feeds the vehicles with suspicious activity in real time. It can then be dispatched to conduct surveillance, follow suspected criminals, or photograph vehicles making illegal maneuvers. Hey, as long as it’s not giving me tickets, it’s alright in my book!

Designer: Or Gal