This shape-changing Mercedes-Maybach has a canvas for digital artists to explore

There are eye-popping concept cars, and then there are some that are totally bonkers. This Mercedes-Maybach concept is exactly what I mean. The grand tourer coupe for high-class nomads is straight out of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” handbook with its extra-elongated shape, and that’s where it’s Cyberpunkish appeal lies.

The core motivation for such an automotive design has to be a passion for artwork, and that’s what the Mercedes-Maybach SHOWMATIC precisely is. It’s a four-wheeled electric hunk to show off art on the flexible Showmatic Display surface embedded right between the front hood section and the windshield.

Designer: MINHYEOK KIM and Janchi

For onlookers to have an optimum view of what the rider wants them to see – things like custom designs, brand logos, or subtle artwork – the front facia of this coupe is very low. On the inside, the driver has an expansive display to create artwork and also define the 3D surface to bring a compelling depth to the view. The flexible surface can adopt any shape just like the canvas of 3D modeling software.

The cabin for a single person is a relaxing place to be in, perfectly in line with the future vision of lounge interiors for self-driving vehicles. Moreover, the cool display across the dashboard doubles as an immersive drawing board to bring pure creative juices out. Multiple menus on the interface can be accessed to make stunning artwork that is worthy of appreciation for the crowd. Since the front section is where all the magic happens, the rear and the floor are reserved for housing the powertrain and the batteries.

Coming onto the vehicle design, it has a resounding Batmobile-like presence, mixed with the sophistication of something like a VISION AVTR or the Vision Duet. The advantage of SHOWMATIC lies in its ability to have varying looks on demand, and also the possibility of being the best show car out there to promote brands in a very unique manner.