The Greenest Lux Vehicle Ever… in Cherry Red


The Kijani by Ulozi Motors takes eco-consciousness in automotive design to the next level! To constantly charge its graphene battery pack, it utilizes four wheel drive from Michelin active wheels, a superhydrophobic waterproof coating, solar glass and internal wind turbines that create energy while in motion. Additionally, the car will also feature a CO2 scrubbing air filter and photosynthesis system to help clean air pollution everywhere it goes!

Designer: Ulozi Motors






  • Adam says:

    Very poor design in my opinion. Wheels and back of the car look so bad. Colors are fine, but transistion between them – awful. Only front of the car looks very good.

  • John says:

    Internal wind turbines? Using a car’s motion to drive wind turbines uses more energy than it generates, simple thermodynamics.
    Also the car doesn’t have a boot. It doesn’t look appealing either.

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