Getting To Know Mr. Handsome + 4 with QWSTIONs

I would like to play 20-questions with the team QWSTION, but it will be counterproductive. For one, I can’t stop staring at Matt (he’s so handsome) and secondly, I think like their motto of asking the right questions, I can get to know more with less. Last Monday I showcased two awesome bags by the Brady Bunch from the heart of Europe. Today I ask QWSTION some questions….read on…

Me: Okie boys, introduce yourselves.

Q: The QWSTION story started in 2008, when Sebastian Kruit joined forces with the creative dynamic of Swiss industrial designers Christian Kaegi and Fabrice Aeberhard, graphic designer Matthias Graf and poker ace Hannes Schoenegger.

Me: We agree that good answers are the result of asking the right questions, so what kind of questions did you ask yourself when you set out with this business?

Q: Does the world really need another bag?

Seriously, we had all been searching for a bag that closes the gap between functional sports bags and elegant fashion bags. As nothing on the market could satisfy our needs, we founded our brand, in the former industrial district of Zurich, Switzerland.

Me: We see so many new designs for backpacks and laptop bags being churned out, with due respect to them all…. why do your audiences prefer QWSTION, what makes you stand apart?

Q: Our desire to create products that are for everyday use and independent in style led to the development of bags that work just as well on a bicycle as in a business meeting. We question the norm in matters of look, function and construction and pursue the integration of these aspects in our designs.

Me: eCommerce has shrunk the globe and we are hooked to the internet, so with trends changing at breakneck speed, how do you cope with it?

Q: We want our products to be durable and practical companions to our customers. Therefore we aim to create timeless styles and evolve our collection continuously. When we design our bags we keep the urban human being in mind. With multiple carrying options our luggage offers lots of flexibility, which makes life easier.

Me: What are the trends that you see for bags and backpacks in 2014?

Q: Retro styles are still allover the place. With QWSTION our focus is to develop our own vision of contemporary bags as consistently as possible, though.

Me: Off topic – why is Hannes the ‘poker ace’?

Q: No brackets needed here.. it’s the simple truth! Of course these specific skills also come in handy when building a business… Hannes: seems like my bluff was successful.

Me: What kind of questions do you encourage your consumers to ask you?

Q: Haha.. The questions that can be answered with one of our bags!

Me: Why is sustainability so important to you?

Q: Living on Mars is not really an option… That’s why it’s important.

Me: As a team on the whole, what is the biggest challenge that you face? How are you facing it?

Q: Keeping the focus is essential for building a strong brand, but distractions are everywhere. Within QWSTION we’ve established a culture of regularly exchanging ideas and experiences within the departments, too keep us on track of our common goals.

Me: What inspires you?

Q: We love to dive in to materials, manufacturing processes and that sort of thing. But also people, cities…. Life in general inspires us.

Designers: QWSTION [ Buy it Here ]

Me: One for the road – all of you….what is your favorite color?

Christian: Offwhite
Fabrice: Camel
Sebastian: Navy
Hannes: Black
Matt: Langoustine / Oyster Grey

Me: What is the most innovative product design that you own?

Christian: Cité chair by Jean Prouvé; way ahead of its time.
Sebastian: A messing AJ lamp from Arne Jacobsen from the early `60s
Hannes: In some years it’s going to be a 1972′ vintage Porsche 911 S, also way ahead of its time
Matt: 1970 Ducati Scrambler 350

Me: Anything significant that you’d like to share from your journey so far?

Q: There’s probably no ups without any downs. Also, it’s interesting that in the beginning we started working with menswear stores. At that point they were not used to sell luggage, as men were not so focused on bags. Now the bags are a central point in the wardrobe just like shoes, and we are glad not to be sold in dusty luggage stores.

Designers: QWSTION [ Buy it Here ]