The world’s first item-tracker made from recycled ocean-plastic

The choice of material for Chipolo’s latest Ocean Series trackers is quite poetic if you ask me. The trackers help you keep track of your personal belongings – things of value to you – but ironically or poetically enough, they’re made from the things you don’t consider valuable… single-use plastics.

Through a strategic partnership with to source ocean-based plastic waste, the Chipolo ONE Ocean tracking device comes made with a recycled-plastic body. Fishing nets, trawls, and ropes floating in the sea are collected in the shallow areas of the ocean near the shoreline, before being cleaned, treated, and turned into polypropylene plastic pellets. These pellets are the primary raw material used to create the outer body of Chipolo’s tracking device. While it isn’t much plastic to begin with (each tracking chip is the size of a coin), Chipolo is committed to helping reduce plastic waste in the ocean… in fact, they’re even committing to pledge $1 from the profits of each Chipolo ONE Ocean sold towards the non-profit organization Oceanic Global to support ocean clean-up efforts.

The Chipolo ONE Ocean joins its popular line of tracking devices, helping you keep track of your belongings from your keys to your wallet, or even your backpack. Just attach your Chipolo to any item you want to track and connect it with the Chipolo app on your iPhone or Android phone. You can ring the tracking device from the Chipolo App to find them, or see its last known location on a map, if they’re out of the Bluetooth range. The devices are backward-compatible too, and you can double press your Chipolo device to help locate your connected smartphone if you can’t find it. Each Chipolo ONE Ocean comes powered by a CR2032 coin battery, giving it a battery life of up to 2 years.

Designers: Chipolo in collaboration with and Oceanic Global

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