New Park Stuff for Praha


A city as stunning as Prague deserves park furniture equally as beautiful. The latest from Art Lebedev studio aims to provide just that to the city center. The range of demure benches, trash cans and bike racks offers improved aesthetics and functionality over existing dilapidated park features without compromising the beauty of the historic district.

At the heart of the collection is a bench with unusual cast-iron supports. It’s laconic and straightforward with a black and white color scheme – all except for a detailed embellishment of the coat of arms of Prague. Additionally, recesses on the sides mimic that of the arches of the towers of the famed Charles Bridge resulting in an interesting familiar touch for tourists and locals alike.

The garbage bins, which are more often than not the biggest eyesores of any park, are designed to look more like art objects than rubbish container. They feature a matte metal frame and complex shape in the form of a pedestal with triangular cutouts. The higher-than-normal trash can also allows users to throw away garbage even on the run.

The minimalist yet expressive bike rack delicately blends into the urban environment fitting in with olden street lamps and cast-iron manholes. Of course, the coat of arms embellishment in the corner ties together this cohesive set of objects.

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio