Pick-up or SUV, why choose just one?


Futuristic concepts cars appear to be mainly concerned with comfort and premium living spaces within the cabin, why not take that one step further. The Renault Subtil concept combines the typical SUV and Pick-Up design attributes while throwing in the adaptability of transitioning between the two. Ideal for families traveling and sightseeing, or couples’ excursions or even extreme sporting and adventures – the Renault Subtil is a luxuriously spacious concept packing both comfort and safety in every inch of this beauty.

The elevation of the Subtil is what gives the concept somewhat a form of pride and strength as it arcs above the road. Albeit; this idea is stunning, I can’t help but feel it doesn’t represent the design language and vision of Renault moving forward as seen with the Symbioz or the Trezor.

Designer: Wojciech Jurkowski