Complete Home Entertainment that Could Fit in a Shoebox!


Helios is a three-part system and one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs! The first and heart of the system, is a master unit known as Helios01 that stores information and controls the other devices via WLAN. To control Helios01, its interface is actually projected onto the floor – no mouse, no keyboard, no remote control – just gestures and finger tracking!

Helios02, the speaker, can be positioned anywhere in the room. Its circular design provides 360 degrees of hi-def sound from your TV, entertainment system, stereo or phone.

Last but not least, Helios03, the projector, beams a high-resolution image onto the wall to replace bulky, unsightly traditional television sets.

Thanks to the small size of the units, the Helios system is perfect for small living spaces. However, the devices’ versatility means they aren’t confined to use in front of the living room sofa. Create a cinema-like experience just about anywhere – from the backyard under the stars to the home theater!

Designer: Julia Feustel, Angela Ehret, & Daran Carrol for PEARL CREATIVE