Behold this bizarre brewer!

You’ve got the french press, the percolator, the aero-press, the pour-over, the vacuum brew, the cold-brew, and then you’ve got the Bripe! This weird looking contraption (easily the weirdest I’ve seen) is a cross between a coffee brewer and a pipe! The copper container comes with a straw that acts as a handle (a cork grip provides insulation), and you sip your coffee directly from the tiny brewing apparatus. Designed to make one amazing shot of coffee, the Bripe comes with a food thermometer, a quad-jet torch, a vial to carry your coffee grounds around in, and a copper stand to rest the Bripe on during the brewing process.

You start by picking up the Bripe, setting the stainless steel filter in, and pouring your grounds into the receptacle along with water. Then simply insert the thermometer in and heat the concoction using the quad-jet torch till the thermometer reads 185°F. Allow your brew to rest for a period of 1-2 minutes until the temperature drops down to 140°F and then sip your brilliant brew through the pipe provided. Made out of copper, the Bripe does a pretty marvelous job of brewing a single shot of coffee that maker Tim Panek claims to be the best in the world. Ideal for travel (and easy to clean), especially outdoors (where people won’t wonder whether you’re a mad scientist!), the Bripe kit comes ready for any scenario, be it at a riverbank, in the outbacks, or around a campfire. Plus, it looks so fascinatingly bizarre, you’re sure to gain healthy amounts of attention and make some new friends!

Designer: Tim Panek